Why Being Curious is a Good Thing

Don’t be scared to push through, to go past the envelope, to go beyond the superficial, and dig deeper.

I walked a little further down the beach, towards the rock. I was curious, so I was incredibly determined to see what was beyond those rocks. After swimming for some time on the other side of the beach, I came out of the water and started walking. I saw huge rocks blocking my path, but I decided to push beyond what I immediately saw and go even further. Turns out, there was another beach on the other side, full of people and restaurants. Had I not decided to go, I wouldn’t have known about this part of town.

I realized at that moment that it paid to be curious and to push past obstacles. Had I just decided to stop because of the rocks in front of me, I would have missed out on a beautiful part of the beach. Indeed, that side was gorgeous. The landscape was completely natural, with local houses and untouched scenery. I was just in awe at the beauty in front of me.

That experience made me think and ask myself questions. How many times did we miss out on wonderful things because we weren’t curious enough to find out more? Because we were afraid and stopped at the first obstacle? More often than not, it pays to be curious, to learn more and dig deep.

Considering all these elements, I made the statement further above. Don’t be scared to go beyond.