Life Lessons

Your Parents Are Humans, Too

As a child, I never realized that my parents were people first, with their strengths and their flaws. I idealized and idolized them, thinking that they knew everything, that they made the best decisions. My thinking was so What I’m realizing today as a parent myself is that the only thing a parent can, and wants to do is their best. That best can take a different form from what the child expects, but from their perspective, it is what’s best – at the time- for the specific circumstances or situation. I’m realizing that my parents had dreams, wishes, feelings and emotions and even lives outside of myself. It’s weird, because in a sense, I knew it but it didn’t really compute that they were also others things outside of being my mother and father. And this is what I want to teach my child. That I’m a person, I’m human. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that I would always do my best for her.